Our friends over at The Asian American Literary Review are releasing their special issue on mixed race, due out in Fall 2013. The organization hopes to inspire new conversations and cross-pollinations, pushing into new corners with the release of this special issue..

All contributions to the issue will be collaborative, “mixed” in nature, bringing together folks across racial and ethnic boundaries, across disciplines, genres, countries, languages, and generations.  In Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 the issue will be a focal point for a multi-institution synchronous teaching program that connects students and faculty across the world. So far 54 classrooms in universities and colleges in seven countries have signed up. AALR’s goal is an international, livetime, region to region, country to country conversation that builds academic, social, and civic community, a conversation that challenges and grows our understandings of race and mixed race as well as the tools and lenses we use to understand them.

They are currently accepting proposals from fully formed groups; partial groups requesting to be matched with a writer, scholar, activist, visual artist, illustrator, musician, or filmmaker; and individuals requesting to be matched with a group. Deadline for proposal submissions is November 9th.  Notice of decisions will be sent by mid-December 2012.  Final submissions of collaborative projects will be due February 2013. For more on the proposal guidelines for the AALR’s special issue please go to aalrmag.org.

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