KALAYAAN Comics Now Available in English

Filipino superhero Kalayaan’s comics are now available in English? Nerdgasm! That’s what I said when Kalayaan (Freedom) creator Gio Paredes contacted me a few days ago to let me know that his popular Filipino superhero would be available to English speaking fans.  I guess my first post on Kalayaan gave somewhat of an impact on the Filipino comic artist to translate his work into English.

The following is what Kalayaan creator Gio Paredes announced on his blog about the decision to go digital and in English:

Kalayaan comics is now available in Digital format. And it is translated to English so that non-Tagalog speaking/reading people could also understand my comics. There is this great debate on the internet between other Filipino indie comics creator on what language we should use. Because if we use Tagalog (our major local dialect in the Philippines), some people will say that we should use English to capture a wider audience. And if we use English, some people will say that we are not being nationalistic or patriotic. In my case, I just created both format. I sell printed comics that is written in tagalog, and I also sell my comics on English digital format through Flipreads targeted for the international market.

It is just a little bit tedious doing both format. As of this writing, I already published 12 issues of tagalog printed version.

For the English digital format, Paredes already translated the first 3 issues and is already up for download at Flipreads. It only cost P60 each and maybe around $1.40 per download. That’s not a bad deal and a great buy for one to get introduced to a great new Pinoy superhero Kalayaan.

Kalayaan #3 click here -> http://www.flipreads.com/book/kalayaan-3/

Kalayaan #2 click here -> http://www.flipreads.com/book/kalayaan-2/

Kalayaan #1 click here -> http://www.flipreads.com/book/kalayaan-1/

Please do support Filipino indie comics. So hopefully, Kalayaan and many Filipino superheroes can be introduced to a wider and diverse audience.

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