Enter the World of ANAK BATHALA

Move over World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons, there’s a new game in town! Enter the world of Anak Bathala, which follows the epic adventure of Kalem that showcases rich Filipino mythology and culture. It exhibits native Filipino beliefs and folk work intertwined with values. The other books included in the series collection are: Yamal, Arau, Yesha and Anak Bathala. Each character embodies intrinsic Filipino traits like admirable virtues of courage, determination, self-discipline, prudence, camaraderie and leadership. Their stories also uncover the deceiving sphere of glorious power. The elven persona of Yesha exudes the remarkable attributes of womanhood that represents Filipino women. Anak Bathala pays homage to the golden age of comic makers with its ground of artistic and detailed illustrations.

Anak Bathala (God Spawned) was originally a 2D MMORPG developed by Norman de los Santos in 2004 but the concept was conceived way back in their high school days with his friend Bernard H Morillo. Norman de los Santos aka Nordenx is a Filipino-American software programmer, videogame developer, and graphic artist from California. One of the pioneers in Baybayin font design & development and is one of the first to offer free modern Baybayin fonts online. He is one of the most active & prolific Baybayin font designer online and Founder of the Anak Bathala Project which promotes the best aspects of Filipino Heritage and strives to revive the use of Baybayin Script through modern technologies such as digital art, typography, video games, and commercial applications.

Nordenx is one of the pillars in creating the original Anak Bathala concept. He researched and pieced together various indigenous Filipino mythologies theat formed the foundation of the Anak Bathala story. This epic story was introduced to the public back in 2004 in the game universe of Anak Bathala Online – a multiplayer role playing game developed by Nordenx. In 2009, his childhood friend turned successful businessman Bernard Morillo offered Nordenx a partnership deal to support the Anak Bathala Project. He now has a team working with BHM Publishing House Inc. and BHM Games Studio Inc. to develop the various aspects of the multi-faceted project. For more on the evolution of Nordenx’s Anak Bathala, click here and you can visit Anak Bathala’s official website at anakbathala.ph.

ANAK BATHALA is now playable online through facebook. Enter the world of ANAK BATHALA.

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