Take Action for Home Care Workers across the nation

On behalf of Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ), please take a moment today to tell the Department of Labor that home care workers should be entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay, like other American workers.

Following an announcement by President Obama and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, the Department of Labor is seeking comments on proposed regulations to expand overtime and minimum-wage protections to over a million home-care workers. The comment period is open until February 27.

Your comments are needed for support to ensure that these new regulations become law

The Department of Labor will review all of the comments filed and consider whether it should put the regulations into effect or make changes to them. We need everyone who supports fair pay for home care workers – people who work in home care, people who receive home care, and advocates who believe that we should be nation that takes care of one another across generations – to submit comments supporting the proposed regulations.

Caring Across Generations is working to create millions of direct care jobs, with fair pay and benefits, the right to organize, training and career ladders, a path to citizenship for immigrant care workers, and support for individuals and families to find and afford quality long term services and supports.

Take action today by submitting a comment supporting the proposed regulations.

Sample Comment (Please include your personal experience as a family member, employer, advocate or home care worker)

Dear Ms. Ziegler:

I am writing in support of the Department of Labor’s proposed rule to extend minimum wage and overtime protections to home care workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (RIN 1235-AA05). As a health care advocate, I know that home care workers are vital to the delivery of quality care for elders and people with disabilities. Many of the individuals for whom I advocate depend upon the skilled assistance of home care workers for their very survival.

Despite their important work of caring for millions of older Americans and people with disabilities, home care workers are poorly paid (median wage of $9.40); one third are uninsured and half rely on public benefits. The proposed changes would reduce turnover and improve continuity and quality of care. America needs a strong system of long-term services and supports. We cannot expect to build a stable, compassionate, and skilled home care workforce without ensuring that these workers have the basic labor protections of minimum wage and overtime pay that all other American workers enjoy. Thank you for supporting America’s 2 million home care workers!

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