Super Bowl Food and Diversifying Consumer Demographics Marketing

by Daniel Escurel Occeño

The family-size to go of Lasagna at Greenwich Pizza (delivered) for Super Bowl food. People wondered why I promoted the lasagna at Greenwich Pizza when the fast-food restaurant has so many choices of pizza topping ideas and the company tries to be competitive. My cousin knows the founder of Jollibee Foods personally and my cousin was telling me that out of all the acquisitions (before the current Hard Rock Café and Mongolian hot pots restaurants) Greenwich Pizza was the lowest in the profitability column.

“Greenwich Pizza is the largest pizza and pasta chain in the Philippines. Greenwich started as an over-the-counter pizza store in the Greenhills Commercial Center in Metro Manila in 1971.”   It is probably because our children do not really like eating pizza. The Americanized or Americans might eat the pizza, but many Filipinos do not like eating a pizza pie. How about rice bread pizza; Chicago is famous for cornbread pizza.

I agreed with the strategy of diversifying consumer demographics marketing instead of a concentration like McDonald’s. Jollibee Foods management likes mall locations and downtown strips so by having the diverse choices it can cater to wider demographics of consumers like Jollibee for children and young families, Greenwich Pizza for the college crowd, and Chowking for the intellectuals along with the older crowd.   The reason I promote the lasagna was one, TEETH, the crust is too chewy and tough according to Filipino children and I want our Filipino local kids supporting Greenwich Pizza.The Filipino kids want their own corporate name brand Filipino companies they can be proud of and Greenwich Pizza would be a good fast-food to compete with Pizza Hut and Shakey’s Pizza.

“In the age of electronic financial transactions, there are Filipinos who remain attached to cash.” The country of Brazil is being reported as surpassing England in the list of the best economies of the world. The reason mostly because it committed to sugar cane ethanol after the cold war and boosted their oil production shortly after the Cold War anticipating the future demand of tourist and trading demands because the world was allowed again to travel freely without the hindrance of the super powers at war. American corporations are even now encouraging the growing of the soybean for soy diesel at Brazil to increase petroleum diesel production using soy diesel as an additive in the United States. Yet and a big yet, international economists do not see Brazil as developing the economy to be the number one in the world because it is developing a credit buying society like Iceland and Greece. The United States can have the credit buying society because of their per capita average earning power from salaries of jobs from corporations adding to the production output of their industries.

About the Guest Writer: Daniel Escurel Occeño is a writer for children in the Philippines. He is also the author of JOHN PATE – Tears of Sadness and LEE CHON – The Advocate of the Point Guard. You can view the rest of his work at his blog.

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