Vote for Baybayin on Pepsi Refresh Project

Christine Balza from Suku-Art recently submitted her idea for Refreshing Baybayin.  Balza’s passion for cultural awareness can be funded through Pepsi with your votes and network help.  Her grant proposal was accepted and it is now going through a public voting process.  Refresh Baybayin is currently ranked #117 and it is the top 20 ideas that will be considered for funding.

This is where you come in.  Please go to: and place your vote.  My project needs to be ranked in the top #20 to be a finalist.

1. You can make daily votes.

2. Twice a day if you can text it too. Message 108237 and send to 73774

Don’t forget to follow up with STOP to unsubscribe to their SMS blast to your phone.

3. POWER VOTE on your Pepsi bottle cap or boxes of cans.

4. Share the cause and spread the word.

Empower a Filipino script, Baybayin, NOT used since the 1800’s at the Pepsi Refresh Project.

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