Fil-Ams Voice Real State of the Nation

This is a long overdue post that was sent to me earlier this month from the Filipino Community Center San Francisco. On July 25, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) mobilized hundreds of its members belonging from regional organizations in the East Coast,Southern California, and Bay Area to voice the real Philippine state of the nation.

According to Rico Foz, Executive Vice President of NAFCON, “It is important for Filipinos in the U.S. and all over the world to express the numerous struggles we face and counter President Aquino’s attempt to cover up peoples’ issues to make his administration appear successful.”

President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address focused on his attempt to curb corruption, create jobs, and defend the Philippines’s claim to the Spratly Islands. However, the President failed to address the root problems of landlessness, lack of basic industries, massive emigration and over-dependence on the U.S.

“In order for the people to feed themselves and earn a decent living, PNoy must distribute the land they till as was done in other developed countries. Focus must be given to our ability to use our abundant resources to create jobs rather than continuing the same old policy of allowing foreign corporations to profit from our wealth while Filipinos suffer.” Foz further stressed.

NAFCON believes that creating a sustainable Philippines is very important to generate jobs and build industries at home, permanently avoiding the countless cases of U.S. Filipinos facing severe exploitation including the Florida 15, LA 11, Sentosa 27++, and the 200+ teachers laid-off in Prince George County, Maryland. Among many others, these cases demonstrate that sending Filipinos abroad to support our country is not working.

In conclusion, Foz asserted that “it is apalling for Aquino to increase military spending to protect the oil rich Spratly Islands when our country does not have the ability to process the oil on its own. In the end it would be foreign corporations again that would profit.  It’s imperative therefore for us to redistribute our lands in combination with developing and protecting our basic industries for our country to progress.”

(Salamat, Jun Cruz)

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