UMAMIYA Makes a Comeback with Newest MV & Web Series

Umami Burger released Umamiya’s newest music video, “Cravin’ This,” last month. This marks the girl group’s comeback after one full year since their last music video,  “Hot Sour Spicy and Sweet”.  The stylish video is actually a CF for Los Angeles’ hot spot, Umami Burger.  This might be the first girl group to accomplish this feat. Umamiya brings fresh new flavors to burgers.

“Cravin This” has received a warm reception from fans, but there are a few haters who had the audacity to call them the “Rebecca Black” of Asia.

Savory: A Recipe for Pop is Umamiya’s web series that takes a behind the scenes look at S-Cube Entertainment.  The new video reveals the men behind the girl group, Sang Sung Song and Young Bum. Music mogul Sang Sung Song built Umamiya into a successful group in such a short period of time.

For more on UMAMIYA, visit their official website and LIKE their facebook page, where you can vote for your favorite member.


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