Filipino Men are the most Narcissistic in Asia?

The only men in the world who call out their own name in bed.

I usually surf the web on my free time to see what are the latest stereotypes and negative posts aimed at the Asian community. This week’s search lead me to CNN GO’s article on a list of Asia’s Most Sinful Cities. This article places Manila, Philippines at number three for pride behind Taipei (Gluttony) and South Korea (Sloth). So it turns out that Filipinos are the only men in the world who call out their own name in bed!

According to a study from Synovate, Filipino men are the most narcissistic in Asia. A whopping 48 percent consider themselves sexually attractive. And if the ladies reading this think the guys’ encounters with the brow tweazers are for your benefit, sorry — nine out of 10 Filipino men polled said they liked to look good for themselves, not anyone else.

By way of comparison, just 25 percent of men in Singapore considered themselves sexually attractive, 17 percent in China and Taiwan and a measly 12 percent of Hong Kong guys think the same.

In my opinion, it’s better to be accused of trying to be handsome than being a fat or lazy guy who plays too much Star Craft at Internet cafes. For more on this ridiculous list, click here.

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