Petition to Help DREAMer Manolo and His Family

Immigration is a big part of my life. Not many people know this, but I come from a family of immigration lawyers. This is why I have a soft spot for issues on immigration. I was really torn up after reading the story on the DREAMer Manolo, who maybe deported and separated from his family.

According to United We Dream, Manolo came to the United States from Venezuela with his parents at age two. He grew up like many children: went to school, finished high school with honors and later earned his Bachelors of Business Administration.

Unfortunately, Manolo’s story is not simply about success, but also about adversity. Ever since his parents, Bing and Lin, left china over 25 years ago, they have been fighting an immigration battle. After fleeing China to Venezuela, Bin and Lin had Manolo. They then returned to China where coincidently, the Tianamen Square protests broke out on June 4, 1989.  Fleeing from danger once again, they arrived in the USA with a visitor’s visa when Manolo was only two years old.

Once here, the family welcomed the youngest member of their family, Vicent, Manolo’s U.S born brother. They also went on to successfully manage one of the two largest Chinese restaurants in Shelbyville, Tennessee, a small All-American town.

In 2008, all of the family’s dreams were shattered the day ICE raided their home. The family was asked to liquidate all their assets and prepare to leave the country.

Manolo and his parents are about to be separated not only from the country they call home, but also from Vicent. Manolo, who does not speak any Spanish, will be deported to Venezuela, and his parents could be deported to China, dividing this family to three different continents; Vincent in North America, Manolo in South America and Bing and Lin in Asia.

How YOU can HELP:

The Obama Administration and DHS have the opportunity to do the right thing. They continue to assert that they are not separating families and deporting DREAMers. It’s time they act on their words. Ask for President Obama and DHS’s Janet Napolitano to grant deferred action to Manolo and his parents.

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