Domestic Workers Need Your Support

Campaign launch for AB 889 Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

According to Filipino Advocates for Justice, AB 889 (Ammiano and V.M. Perez), the historic California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights will be heard by the Assembly labor committee on April 13. SEND YOUR LETTER TODAY supporting AB 889, which would provide worker protections to housekeepers, nannies and caregivers and standardize an industry for the benefits of homes across California!  You can join Filipino Advocates for Justice in Sacramento for the labor hearing April 13.

At least 200,000 domestic workers currently labor without basic labor protections.  AB 889 would finally recognize the value of their work and allow domestic workers to provide consistent quality care to California’s homes and families.

Please take the time to send your letter today and RSVP for the Domestic Workers Coalition caravan to Sacramento:

1) Put the support letter on your organizational letterhead
2) Include the name of your organization in the first paragraph
3) Personalize the letter to express why your organization is supporting the AB 889. What to tell them?
•  California’s 200,000 domestic workers are the bedrock of our state’s workforce. Housekeepers, nannies and caregivers enable millions of other Californians to go to work and contribute to the economy.
•  This bill will improve the quality of domestic work.  By increasing protections for workers and standardizing the industry, we can go to our jobs without worrying about our homes and loved ones, who will be in the hands of well-trained and increasingly professional domestic workers.
•  Expanding labor protections creates more stability for everyone. Employers want to have standards that let us know, “I’m a good employer.” AB 889 means greater stability, reduced turnover, and a higher quality of care for our homes and families.

Fax or e-mail your organization’s support letter to Misa Yokoi-Shelton, Legislative Aide to Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, at 916-319-2113 or by April 5th.

JOIN THE DOMESTIC WORKERS COALITION IN SACRAMENTO on April 13 to show your support to the Asssembly Labor committee as an employer, senior or disability rights advocate, faith leader, or supporter of domestic workers rights. Call or Email Katie Joaquin to RSVP by April 8th at 510-465-9876 x301 or


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  • Again, thanks for pointing this out. I linked back to it on one of my own posts on human trafficking of domestic workers.