Behind the Sexy Sax Man Viral Video with Mike Dahlquist and Sergio Flores

By Jean Ortiz-Luis

In 2010, Sergio Flores, a Los Angeles area musician, approached close friend Mike Dahlquist, an Asian American director, with the idea of making an online video featuring a character of his creation. The character in question was the Sexy Sax Man, a shirtless saxophone player complete with a mullet, mustache and outfitted with leather pants and suspenders. By late 2010, Dahlquist, known on YouTube as “Mike Diva,” began filming a prank video featuring Flores’ Sexy Sax Man as he ventured to various public places in the Los Angeles area. Uploaded in November 2010, the video hilariously featured the Sax Man serenading unsuspecting bystanders with what seemed to be the only song in his repertoire, George Michael’s Careless Whisper.

In mid-March without Dahlquist or Flores’ knowledge or permission, an edited version of the Sexy Sax Man video was posted on, a social news website.  Within a few hours, the stolen video received more than 70,000 views. Although the incident was originally a source of frustration, it ultimately became a blessing in disguise.  Mike Dahlquist soon realized that the version without the intro and outro dialogue was more appealing to viewers and uploaded an edited version to his account on YouTube. “That guy actually ended up helping me out in the end because I never would have known that cut would make it so big unless he stole it,” Dahlquist said of his video thief. “In the end, everything worked out great,” said Dahlquist. Within a week, both the original and newly edited versions of the Sexy Sax Man video had reached more than 1 million views. It has garnered the attention of the Huffington Post, the Tosh.0 website and international websites like Manila lifestyle website, SPOT.

Mike Dahlquist and Sergio Flores discussed the many opportunities that have been presented due to the Sexy Sax Man’s success. On March 25th, the two young men traveled to New York after being invited by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to appear on the show. The Sexy Sax Man played his signature song with house band, The Roots, throughout the entire episode. Dahlquist has been contacted by various TV producers and is currently developing an MTV pilot for his own variety show. In addition to his ongoing YouTube videos and collaborations, Mike Diva is working on a web series sitcom called “Human Studies” that he described as “The Office with an alien, Bigfoot, a vampire, a robot, and bunch of ridiculous characters.” Sergio Flores, who has been receiving numerous saxagram requests, plans to use his recent popularity to promote his music career. The multi-instrumentalist and songwriter is in two bands, Symphonic Circles and Push Play, and also puts out music as a solo artist. With two full-length albums soon to be released, Flores describes music as his passion. “That’s all I do. Music,” said Flores. “I needed something good to happen and I’m happy this happened.”

With all of these upcoming projects, will this be the end of the Sexy Sax Man? Not likely. Mike Diva and Sergio plan to team up for a Sexy Sax Man Part 2 mockumentary, which they hope to be “epic.” If their recent success is any indication, Mike Dahlquist and Sergio Flores will have many more epic moments in their bright futures.

About the Guest Writer: Jean Ortiz-Luis is currently working in marketing for a Los Angeles-based company. The Southern California native also does freelance writing and PR. Jean graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2009 with a B.S. in Business Administration as a marketing major. On her free time, she enjoys movies, attending concerts, and delicious food with good company.

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