'Love Language' A Worthy Remake

I just wanted to share this short film that I recently saw thanks to Fil-Am actress Cori Dioquino. Love Language was released just a little over week after Valentine’s Day. This short film got to me because it was really well done. Also, this is definitely better than the garbage they show kids nowadays. I loved how the film’s story revolved around two strangers who communicate through writing on post-its as opposed to texting. What surprised me was that this was a film project by two students in the Bay Area. Love Language is a remake of the Jubilee Project’s film that was produced to raise awareness and support for the American Society for Deaf Children. Both versions are great, but the student film project version left me reminiscing about  my days as a high school student and taking a chance to talk to the girl I liked. The best part for me was the ending and if you aren’t touched by the film’s message, then you have no soul.

About Love Language:

Have you ever sat next to a complete stranger and felt some sort of connection with them? That type of connection that you can’t describe, but you know for a fact that it’s there. Like you don’t even know the person’s name, how old they are or when their birthday is. All you know is that they’re sitting on the exact same bench at the exact same place at the exact same time as you are.

And you want to start a conversation with them, but they seem so busy that you don’t want to bother them. Or if you just randomly start talking to them they would be like, “Why is this person talking to me?” But the truth is, the same thoughts are running through their mind. Wanting to make the first move but too scared.

So you both just mind your own business as if you have the whole bench all to yourself. You have this opportunity to meet someone new and you end up letting the moment pass you by to avoid all awkwardness.

Before you know it, they get up and walk away without saying a single goodbye because there was nothing to say goodbye to. They were just a stranger to you, but for some reason you wish they never left your side. Should have, could have, would have but didn’t. That could have been the one.

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