57% of Pinays Prefer Money Over Looks

I found this study kind of interesting. Just a few days before Valentine’s Day, a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey revealed that 57 percent of Filipinas would prefer a “person who is rich but ugly” as their lifetime partner. Meanwhile, 4 percent preferred someone good-looking though poor, while 2 percent preferred not to answer the question. However, 52 percent of Filipino men said they would choose good looks over wealth. But this varied in the 25-34 age bracket, with 50 percent preferring a partner who is rich though ugly. This reveals that people also give importance to financial stability, especially women. Surprisingly, while 57 percent of those in the ABC and the D “masa” classes preferred someone rich, 51 percent of the “very poor” E class said they would choose someone who is good-looking though poor.

You can read more about this study by clicking here and here.

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