Badass Filipinos: Athena Lee, Jay Lim, and George Reinas on History Channel's Top Shot 2

It looks like our friend J.J. Racaza’s popularity on the first season of History Channel’s Top Shot had something to do with the addition of three Filipino contestants on the show’s second season. I was surprised that there were actually three Filipino marksmen after getting a hold of J.J. Racaza on his thoughts of the second season of the show.  For those who are not familiar with Top Shot, it pits 16 marksmen in a competition of grueling challenges, inspired by history, until one wins the $100,000 prize and the title of Top Shot. They come from all over the country and all walks of life: professionals and amateurs, military and competition shooters. The show premiers Tuesday February 8 at 10/9c on the History Channel, go to Top Shot’s official website for more info. Also, J.J. Racaza was also kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to offer his thoughts on the second season of the show that made him famous and more insight into the show’s Filipino marksmen.

J.J. Racaza’s thoughts on Top Shot Season 2:

Just to let you know, there are actually 3 Asian “faces” on there. Jay Lim (Chinese Filipino), Athena Lee (Chinese Filipino (Bisdak- Bisaya Dako or Great Visaya), and George Reinas (German/Filipino). I truly am excited to see that more Asians are on Top Shot to represent us. It is nice to think that I may have had some influence on this. I actually know Athena Lee very well. She is my teammate in the Combat Shooting world. We are both sponsored by Limcat. We have competed and practiced quite a bit together. As for the others, I happen to have a story to share…

George R.: when I first met him, he came up to me and said, “man, I lost a lot of money on you last year!” hahaha! Apparently, he had his money on me to win last year in his base (Air Force sniper). He seems like a happy go lucky type of guy. He has the right attitude to make it all the way. He seemed to have been able to showcase his talent very well with any weapon system.

As for Jay Lim, he sent me a nice message on Facebook after I met him. He is actually an olympic archer/.22 rifle shooter. So he also has some talent, but from what it seems he likes to downplay it…

With that said, it seems that there are definitely more Asians out there with a ton of talent — in the shooting world. And it is nice to be considered to be the influence for these guys and gal to come out and showcase their talent as well!

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“Who doesn’t want to see a short, Asian chick kick butt?” On the pro circuit, kicking butt is exactly what Athena’s done. After winning two world IPSC Championship titles on the Philippine Ladies Team–and getting increasingly frustrated with the restrictions on professional shooters there–Athena emigrated to the U.S., where in 2008, she helped win a world title for the American women’s team. In addition to competing, she was also a firearms instructor in Houston where she is passionate about opening people’s minds about the sport of shooting–and who can be good at it. “It’s a good feeling to be competing with a bunch of guys who are bigger than I am.”


  • 2002 and 2003 World Speed Shooting Open Women’s Champion
  • 1999 and 2008 IPSC World Shoot Open Women’s Champion
  • 2001 and 2007 Australasian Open Women’s Champion
  • 2002 and 2007 USPSA National Open Women’s Champion


“I’m not just a shooter, I’m an athlete. I’m a thinker. I’m all that. Whatever I think–I can get my body to do.” Jay Lim is an amateur shooter who believes his natural abilities can earn him the Top Shot title. Boastful? Maybe. But this golf instructor can back it up. He has competed in archery events on a national level, once taking him all the way to the 2004 Olympic Trials. And he doesn’t just excel at archery–Jay competes with the air pistol, air rifle, skeet and handgun. He’s a self-described over-achiever who loves marksmanship because “there is perfection in shooting, and that is what I strive for.”


  • Competes in local and national archery and air pistol events, placing within top 10%
  • Qualified in 2004 Olympic Trials for archery
  • Olympic and American skeet training by medalist Kim Rhode
  • Shoots Olympic air rifles, air pistols, freestyle hand thrown clays, handguns, and blow guns; also throws knives


“I’m big, I’m mean. I’m going to destroy the competition.” This Air Force sniper has reason to be cocky–he’s good. Not only is he a certified military, civilian and SWAT sniper, he’s an instructor in all of them as well. George Reinas was the sniper team leader as well as the coach of last year’s winning sniper team at the AF Rodeo Competition. An obsessive weight lifter, he regularly benches 400-plus pounds and curls 200 pounds, barely breaking a sweat. A self-described Jersey Shore guy, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.


  • Air Force Sniper School instructor
  • Certified military, civilian and SWAT instructor
  • Avid bow hunter
  • Heavy weapons combat instructor
  • 2006 Air Mobility Command Rodeo sniper Champion team
  • Coach of the 2009 Air Mobility Command Rodeo Sniper Champion team

(Salamat, Kate)

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  • Hi George. I’m so proud of you! Tita Fely from the Philippines

  • Incre-f***g-dible! Been a fan of the show and JJ … I had an inkling that Jay Lim was Pinoy but didn’t realize George and Athena were too. WOW!

  • Anonymous

    BarrelRacinChic says screw the Nay-sayers. Athena, bum gig on first round. Would’ve liked to have seen you shoot, as a competetive shooter myself. (FYI, just a French/Canadian-German girl in Northern California that likes fast horses and shooting EVERYTHING). Jay Lim, also feel you got a bad wrap, but wbut a smile that lights up the room. George, you’re solid. You are like the guys I liked to hang out w/ when in college. Keep going and glad to see the morons aren’t getting under your skin. You’re in my top 3 and want to see you go all the way…funny feeling you may. The History Channels forum is hilarious. What a bunch of goofs. Not all, just 3 that I can think of. And what does appearance have to do w/ shooting? Good luckto all y’all! Fun to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t seem to find proof(s) G. Reinas is really half Filipino.
    None was mentioned anywhere in WWW ie facebook, wikipedia, bio etc.
    Heck, Julio Iglesias could be a pinoy if we based it on his name.. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Can’t find any proof(s) that G. Reinas is really half filipino. Check the www ie facebook, wiipedia, bio etc… nothing.
    Heck, Julio Iglecias could be pinoy if we based it on his name alone 😉

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah I finally found a proof from another contestant from TOP SHOT season 2 contender Jay Lim
    (copied from his facebook page–>!/pages/Jay-Lim-Top-Shot-Season-2/175893672422632)

    Jay Lim – Top Shot Season 2 Thanks Tina! Asians and Pacific Islanders 🙂 Just so you know, George is half Filipino!

    Tina Prem: hey hi! george is? oh ok. i’ve been reading the comments on here. feeling bad that you’re getting these negative feedback. chin up ok? they started you out bad in the beginning but the editing’s getting better each week! 🙂
    Dennis Santiago: George is one of us too? Oh golly. I didn’t know that either.
    Joebert Villanueva: Anybody else? lol If only everybody knows we come in all shades. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      George is Puerto Rican, not Filipino.

  • Thanks everyone for your support on the Pinoy blooded shooters!