Rush, You're a B

I’ve been very aware of the news on Rush Limbaugh’s mock imitation of the Chinese language that has stirred a backlash among Asian-American lawmakers at the state and federal level. California state Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, is leading a fight in demanding an apology from Limbaugh. California state Sen. Leland Yee, is leading a fight in demanding an apology from the radio talk show host for what he and others view as racist and derogatory remarks against the Chinese people. Last week, the state lawmaker has rallied civil rights groups in a boycott of companies like Pro Flowers, Sleep Train and Domino’s Pizza (please refer to updated article) that advertise on Limbaugh’s national talk radio show. “The comments that he made — the mimicking of the Chinese language — harkens back to when I was a little boy growing up in San Francisco and those were hard days, rather insensitive days,” Yee said in an interview Thursday. “You think you’ve arrived and all of a sudden get shot back to the reality that you’re a second-class citizen.”

In recent news, Limbaugh’s fans have been sending death threats to Asian-American lawmakers. My take on Rush Limbaugh is that the man is a media whore and using any means to get attention for his show. What I’ve learned after meeting highly intelligent and well traveled people like Rick Steves is that people like Rush Limbaugh are living in a dumb down society. News is entertainment and the majority of people often misconstrue the information presented to them as fact. Limbaugh is a perfect example of someone who hasn’t step outside his own little bubble and taken the time to understand the other 96% of the world. If life were a sitcom, Rush Limbaugh would be Pierce Hawthorne from Community and the following clip would be my response to his mock imitation of the Chinese language (replace Pierce with Rush).

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  • Phil from Domino’s here. The AP issued a correction to that story Tuesday, we have never been an advertiser on show, ad ran by mistake. See here:

    Further Sen. Yee has removed our name from his page listing advertisers: