More Asian Men taking over the Kitchen

Here’s some news that females would definitely live to hear, more Asian men are taking over duties in the kitchen. I can relate to this story as a man who has always had to cook and clean for the women I’ve encountered in my life. Anyways, a gender shift is taking place in the kitchen in the Philippines and the rest of Asia, according to the Electrolux Asian Food Survey 2010. Women have traditionally ruled the kitchen but these days, more men are spending time in the kitchen and becoming “connoisseurs of epicurean pleasures.” Results of the online survey that covered 4,000 respondents show that about 66 percent of men enjoy or are passionate about cooking with the fairer sex falling behind at 63 percent.

Considered to be sensitive and metrosexual, men who cook are “in” and sleek kitchen appliances are now his power-tools; a tantalizing meal is now his pet project, said the survey report. “In Asia, more people are spending time in kitchens to entertain, and as a hobby and passion. That is why at Electrolux, we feel it is necessary to design kitchens with the latest cutting-edge technology and thoughtful designer flair to fully enhance the cooking experience in every way possible for our Asian consumers,” said Electrolux East Asia president Suresh Balan.

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