Camille Cresencia-Mills on MTV's Skins

I recently found out about the US remake of Skins after a night at the gym, where it was shown on all the tv screens. When I learned more about the show, I wasn’t surprised to read that the show received backlash from adults and concerned parents. It’s aired on a network that runs Jersey Shore, what do people expect? Also, this show is no different from teen oriented shows on so called “family networks.” Skins is the US remake to the hit British teen show, where Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) got his start. This US remake caught my attention due to presence of Camille Cresencia-Mills on the show. Jinra Ilustrisimo of NINGIN writes that despite the nearing launch of MTV’s Skins (US), not a whole lot is known about actress Camille Cresencia-Mills aside from the fact that she’s half-Filipino and based on her Twitter, likes pumpkin spiced lattes and is roomates with cast member Rachel Thevenard. She plays the part of Daisy Valero, the American (and Costa Rican) version of Skins’. You can view the trailer for Camille’s character Daisy here (trailer is probably NSFW/NSS). From what I saw in the trailer, Camille Cresencia-Mills has got an interesting character to work with and it’s great seeing a Filipino face on that network.

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