Badass Trailer for Ron Santiano's Young EVE: Demon Hunter

I saw a preview of Ron Santiano’s Young EVE: Demon Hunter earlier this week and I just had to post it here. This trailer got my attention because I’m a sucker for supernatural story plots and it features an Asian girl killing demons! Now that’s badass. Young EVE looks like she can give Knives Chau a run for her money.

Young Eve: Demon Hunter was developed from the curiosity and request of many fans from the original 2008 web-series project, EVE: Beauty and the Blade, which tells the present day story of Eve as an adult. In the opening flashback sequence, we see a much younger Eve, played by Megan Lee, who witnesses her parents downfall by the hands of red-eye demons and their leader Tyberious. She’s chased, but evades capture by the demons with the use of her special powers. Later in the flashback, Young Eve comes to grips with the lost of her parents and the realization of her situation – she is now all alone to survive the streets filled with demons, just before the film flashes forward back to the present timeline of adult Eve.

Young EVE: Demon Hunter will mark Redcape Cinema’s attempt to push their independent filmmaking envelope, taking it to the next level as a production company of digital cinema storytelling. Redcape Cinema and director/writer Ron Santiano promises Young EVE: Demon Hunter will deliver exciting drama, intense action scenes of martial arts, incredible swordplay and dazzling visual effects, with an engaging and thrilling story-line that will have the audience rooting for Young Eve to kick-some-major-demon-ass. However, in order for this to happen, Santiano and company need your help in supporting their project. For more on how you can help support Santiano’s Young EVE: Demon Hunter, click here.

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