Help Orange Drink Unleash The Minotaur

Help Orange Drink UNLEASH THE MINOTAUR! from Hemlock Records.

This update comes from my good friend Drew and the rest of the members of Orange Drink. Orange Drink are a vegetarian/straight-edge/queer friendly band from Chicago that is known for playing a wild mix of genres and having crazy shows. They’ve  just completed their 3rd album, Minotaur. It’s an electro-house-chip album that will leave you dancing your way through an intense personal journey. They’ve been playing these songs at shows for the past year, and now they are ready to be presented in a form for you to take home with you.

Orange Drink would like to release this album on vinyl, as well as offer it on CD and as a digital download. The start up cost for vinyl is fairly significant, and that’s why they need your help to make this a reality.

You can help Orange Drink Unleash The Minotaur through their project:

Vinyl Production: $2000
CD Production: $600
T-Shirts: $700
Wristbands: $300
Stickers: $250
[+ shipping cost and Kickstarter fees]

Don’t forget, if the full $4000 isn’t reached, no credit cards will be charged, and none of these items will be manufactured! So please help get the word out – Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, text message, forehead tattoos!

[international customers please contact Orange Drink for shipping rates]

For more information, please visit or visit their facebook page.

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