Cori Dioquino in She's in the Details

Cori Dioquino is an up-and-coming actress who recently finished shooting her first feature film called She’s in the Details. The film is set to reset the status quo for films that ’empower’ women as it boasts four complex female leads that are not defined or narratively motivated by their romantic entanglements. The film’s story successfully gives these archetypes center stage and bases their conflicts not on their vices, but on the human drama that exists within all of us.

The idea of the so-called ‘chick flick’ is about to change. But the production team needs your help to accomplish their goal of making the film a successful one. The average festival submission fee is at least $100 per submission and with a goal of $3,000 that they are raising for line up opportunities. Help support She’s in the Details by helping fund the film at INDIE GOGO. Producers of the film are also planning to submit She’s in the Details to Asian-American festivals. Why? Because three out of the four leading ladies in the film are Asian-American (Gloria Makino is Jewish-Japanese; Tanu Evans is an African-East Indian-American singer, songwriter and actress; and Cori Dioquino is Filipina-American).

Cori was born in Pasay City, Philippines and immigrated to Laurel, Maryland at the age of four. She earned her Bachelors in Theater from Towson University with a focus on performance.  Some of her most memorable acting experiences include: Connie from A Chorus Line, Eat the Runt (Audrey Herman’s Spotlighter’s Theater), Andromache in Troy Women, and an original work entitled Postmarks, where she portrayed the leading character, Sabine (the piece was based on the illustrated book trilogy, Griffin and Sabine).  For more on this talented Fil-Am actress and her upcoming projects, visit her website.

She’s in the Details is written and directed by Robert Hagans. Shot entirely on location in Maryland, the film is now in Post-production with its sights set on the 2011 festival circuit, as well as distribution via Blu-Ray and DVD. She’s in the Details is the debut film for Snagah Studios. The film can literally only thrive with your support. It doesn’t just end with festivals. A successful campaign will help with future distribution deals and brings the film one-step-closer to ‘coming soon to a theater near you.’ For more information on the film and how you can help, go to

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