Kano, an American and his Harem

Who is Kano? Kano (pronounced kä·nô’) is Tagalog slang for Amerikano. Filipinos usually refer to any caucasian, regardless of ethnicity, as kano. In the film, an American Vietnam War hero decides to spend the rest of his post-war life in the Philippines. Hundreds of women have come and stayed in his house located in a poor, remote village. In 2001, Pearson was charged with over 80 counts of rape. Pearson is now in jail but many of the women remain by his side. “Kano” is the fascinating and awful story of a convicted rapist and his women who come together to form a most dysfunctional family. You can view the trailer here.

October is not only dedicated to Filipino-American History Month or Breast Cancer Awareness, but also a month to spread awareness on domestic and sexual violence. These issues are really important to me as I feel that there needs to be more awareness among Filipinos, especially in the Philippines. I recently found out about ‘Kano’ from Fil-Am director, Stephen Dypiangco and the film’s content really got to me. What the filmmakers learned while making this film is that although there still exists a right and wrong, the more you’re exposed to a story, the harder it is to tell the difference. They also state that it is not in our place to judge. In my opinion, I feel it is unacceptable that these sexual acts happened to minors and that these young women were offered by their own mothers in exchange for regular pay. However, the film’s story covers a bigger mess of issues that include poverty, effects of war, and screwed moralities.

‘Kano’ is a full-length documentary feature by Monster Jimenez. The film is funded by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (Philippines), the Asian Network of Documentary (South Korea) and the Goteborg Film Fund (Sweden). It is the first documentary project of Arkeofilms. For more on the documentary feature, go to kanothemovie.com.

‘Kano’ has been selected for the First Appearance Competition of the 23rd edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), which will take place from November 17 – 28 2010.

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