Filipino Advocates for Justice Mid-Term Voter Guide

U.S. Mid-Term elections are coming up and our friends at Filipino Advocates for Justice just recently released their voter’s guide for November 2nd.

Filipino Advocates for Justice VOTER GUIDE–November 2010 Election

When you Cast your VOTE on Tuesday, November 2nd, you Speak for Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community!

Print & take it with you to the polls!

Polls OPEN 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Quick Guide from the Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV)Campaign

Prop 19: Legalization of Marijuana–NEUTRAL

Prop 20: Expansion of Redistricting Commission for Congress–NO

Prop 21: New Vehicle License Fee to Fund State Parks–NEUTRAL

Prop 22: Ban on State Government Borrowing from Local Government–NEUTRAL

Prop 23: Dirty Energy–NO

Prop 24: Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share–YES

Prop 25: Majority Vote for an On-Time Budget–YES

Prop 26: Reduction of Revenues for our State Budget–NO

Prop 27: Elimination of State Commission on Redistricting–NEUTRAL

Use your right to vote on November 2nd. For a mid-term election, it’s looking to be a high turn-out contest. Let’s make sure that California’s 250,000+ Filipino registered voters are among those voices heard on election day!

We especially hope you will vote NO on Prop 23. Big oil companies are trying to get around California’s environmental laws, don’t let them fool us. Please protect the environmental progress we have made by voting NO on Prop 23.  Also, we hope you will vote YES on Prop 25. We need a solution to California’s yearly budget delays and gridlock. Vote YES on Prop 25 so our legislature can pass a State budget with a simple majority vote.

To view this voter guide in TagalogCLICK HERE.

For a quick pocket reference on voting FAQ’s and resources please CLICK HERE to see APIAVote’s Voting Pocket Guide.

For Berkeley, Oakland, and San Leandro voters who will use Ranked-Choice Voting in their local races for the first time, please CLICK HERE to visit our site for more information and a quick video that gives instructions on how to fill-out your ballot.

FAJ, in conjunction with the Asian Law Caucus, will participate in poll monitoring and voter protection activities at multiple poll locations in Union City on election day.

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