The Final Minny Pacquiao Episodes

Minny Pacquiao creator, Erick Esteban announced on We The Filipinos last month that his popular web series will be coming to an end. Erick Esteban began doing the Minny Pacquiao sketch because he wanted to create a Filipino-American Sketch Comedy Character. A sketch character that could live onstage at Second City in Chicago or the Groundlings in Hollywood. A Saturday Night Live-style Filipino American Sketch. A Pinoy In Living Color character. The result was the twenty episodes and counting of Minny Pacquiao.

The Minny Pacquiao Episodes will be coming to an end with the upload of the next episode, Episode 23. According to Esteban, “a certain #23 Michael Jordan and his original side-kick Mars Blackmon inspired the creation of the Minny Pacquiao character in the first place so I thought it was only fitting to retire the episodes at 23.”

All I have to say is thank you Erick for sharing your creation with all of us and empowering Filipinos through this web series! Don’t forget to tune into Decktechs, Erick’s romantic sci-fi comedy television pilot.

Join Erick Esteban in his new adventure, Decktechs a romantic sci-fi comedy television pilot. The show is off to a great start with a successful fundraiser through kickstarter where they exceeded their goal $5,000 for the pilot. It is the story of a young man, Don, who wants to work in outer space, but his eagerness exceeds his skill. After disregarding the advice of a mentor and lying on his resume, he finds himself stuck on the maintenance team of a poorly managed corporate space station. Dissatisfied with his job and the isolation of space, he struggles to adjust to life while earning enough money to make the expensive trip back to Earth. Erick plays Albert Don’s roomate and soon to be best buddy. For more on the show, go to

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