Airport Workers Resolve Age Bias Case

Manong Hector Arcangel (taken from FAA/FAJ email blast)

Filipino Advocates for Justice just released an update on Oakland Airport Workers’ campaign against Delta Air Lines Global Services for discrimination and harassment of older workers.A year from the launching of the “Justice for Manong” campaign, Hector Arcangel and Alex Lugtu’s age discrimination case against Delta Airlines Global Services (DGS) has been resolved!

Hector and Alex filed the case against DGS, subsidiary of airline giant Delta Airlines, for age discrimination, harassment and retaliation. Their resolve to stand up for their rights is a reminder that together workers can fight to improve their situation.

“In filing their complaint, Hector and Alex forced DGS management to face up to the hostility senior workers felt in their workplace,” said Organizer, Katie Joaquin. “Their action represents a victory for all seniors struggling to work with dignity, free from discrimination.”

“Since the filing of their case, workers have seen progress in DGS management’s attention to worker complaints, including one senior worker who was successfully reinstated into her position, asserted Katie. “When workers fight, we make gains.”

“APALA first took up the airport worker fight in 2002 when hundreds of Filipino screeners were displaced because they were not U.S. citizens and it’s a shame that we are still fighting for their very basic rights to a fair workplace. It’s critical for us to be steadfast in supporting their long-time struggle for fair working conditions and a union contract.”
– Luisa Blue, SEIU 521 & APALA 1st Vice-President

“Discrimination against older workers only exacerbates the increasing challenges we face to survive with dignity. We have been and continue to be a critical foundation for this economy. Yet, after decades of service in our work, we find ourselves with little to no economic security, difficulty accessing basic public benefits and no respect. This must change.”
– Hector Arcangel, DAL Global Services Worker and PAWIS Vice-Chair

This report from Balitang America in 2009 focuses on Oakland Airport Workers’ campaign against Delta Air Lines Global Services for discrimination and harassment of older workers. Under the management of Delta Air Lines Global Services, a company subcontracted by airlines at Oakland International to provide passenger service workers, Alex Lugtu and Hector Arcangel faced discrimination and harassment. This included ageist comments about the need to retire, and retaliation for complaining about discrimination, including close scrutiny looking for any minor infraction that could lead to termination. The company also tried to force them out. You can read the full press release here.

For more information, visit and contact Katie Joaquin at (510) 465-9876×301 or email her at

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