DECKTECHS: A Science Fiction Dramatic Comedy

DECKTECHS is a show to look out for in the near future and find out how you can even help produce the pilot for this show. DECKTECHS is a Dramatic Comedy television pilot set in the not-too-distant future. It is the story of a young man named Don who wants to work in outer space, but his eagerness exceeds his skill. After disregarding the advice of a mentor and exaggerating on his resume, he finds himself stuck on the maintenance team of a poorly managed corporate space station. Dissatisfied with his job and the isolation of space, he struggles to adjust to life while earning enough money to make the expensive trip back to Earth. Though Don’s situation seems bleak, it allows him the opportunity to discover his strengths and ultimately become a man.

DECKTECHS has been described as Firefly meets Top Gun meets Dilbert, in a sense that the main character is working for an incompetent corporation. The science fiction dramatic comedy will be fully realized through previsualization before going into production. Rough animation can be cut to voice tracks featuring the actors, CG sets will be constructed and extensive collaboration can take place to figure out camera angles, lighting and screen direction.

According to the show’s creators, the pilot for DECKTECHS will be produced with help from their investors, donors and you! As previously stated, DECKTECHS is visual effects-heavy, employing digital sets and extensive previsualization to help with the planning. With a list of SCAD films under his belt, Reese Thomas steps into his first Television role as the main character Don. Lindsay Nance ventures into the realm of Sci-Fi in the role of Ana, Don’s main romantic interest and childhood friend. Darwin Harris, who began his professional acting career in Chicago, steps into the role James, Don’s mentor. Michelle Milne is thrilled to be adding the world of sci-fi to her performing adventures as she takes on the role of  Supervisor McCrae. Fil-Am actor Erick Esteban rounds up the cast as Albert, Don’s comic sidekick and poorly trained co-pilot. In his interview, Esteban describes as “sexy laziness” and has a feeling that Albert’s relationship with Don becomes a sort of Han Solo-Chewbacca kind of thing. The cast is made up of committed and seasoned actors from L.A., Chicago, and Georgia. Kendall Pictures promises that DECKTECHS will be an energetic and high quality production.


Although a dramatic comedy, DECKTECHS is a serious production. Kendall Pictures has booked MEDDIN STUDIOS, the new state of the art facility in Savannah, Georgia for greenscreen photography, followed by another week of location shoots. Money raised through Kickstarter will help pay for studio space and equipment rental. This project is a labor of love, and everyone from the creative team, the cast, and the crew are committed to making this great story spring to life. For more information on DECKTECHS and how you can help support this science fiction dramatic comedy, visit

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