IBU to Sing National Anthem at White Sox Game August 15th

It doesn’t get any better than this for Chicagoans like myself who are fans of IBU and the Chicago White Sox (sorry Cubs fans). IBU (Inspired By U), Chicago’s multi-awarded R&B/Pop group will return to U.S. Cellular Field on Sunday, August 15, 2010. This will be the group’s fourteenth time to perform the National Anthem and the second time to sing “God Bless America” for the White Sox.

The group performed at eight games in 2005 including one game against the Boston Red Sox during League Division Series. The White Sox won the World Series in 2005. Consequently, IBU performed at three more games in 2006, one in 2007, and one in 2009, with the White Sox winning every game they sang for except for one game on June 8, 2007 when the Sox lost to Houston Astros. IBU was absent from the field in 2008 when they took a self-imposed hiatus to record their 2nd album which was released in November 2009 and distributed by Koch/E1 Entertainment.

IBU is glad to be back on the field this year. Not only will they sing the National Anthem, they will also sing “God Bless America” for the second time, which will take place at the middle of the 7th Inning. The first time they sang “God Bless America” at the field was on August 27, 2006.

So what is it like for IBU? “It’s always exciting to perform in front of a crowd as big as the US Cellular field (which has a capacity of 40,615). At one time, they had a jet fly over as we finished the National Anthem, and another time the Navy Seals carrying flags including the American flag parachuted into the field while we were singing. At our second performance in 2005, right after we sang the National Anthem, a UPS truck drove around the field and stopped where we were and delivered a package. In it was a baseball. White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen approached us and signed the ball. We still have it. We even have a legacy brick bearing our name at the Diamond Plaza, in the main entrance (Gate 4). We were thrilled when we were asked to sing the anthem the first time. It’s a great honor to be asked for the fourteenth time. ”

IBU has indeed become a White Sox favorite. But is IBU the White Sox lucky charm too? Let’s see what happens on August 15.

IBU White Sox performances :

April 16, 2005 White Sox vs Seattle Mariners
May 03, 2005 White Sox vs Kansas City Royals
May 13, 2005 White Sox vx Baltimore Orioles
June 18, 2005 White Sox vs Los Angeles Dodgers
July 22, 2005 White Sox vs Boston Red Sox
August 21, 2005 White Sox vs New York Yankees
September 23, 2005 White Sox vs Minnesota Twins
October 5, 2005 White Sox vs Boston Red Sox ( League Division Series )
May 20, 2006 White Sox vs Chicago Cubs
July 6, 2006 White Sox vs Baltimore Orioles
August 27, 2006 White Sox vs Minnesota Twins
June 08, 2007 White Sox vs Houston Astros
August 08, 2009 White Sox vs Cleveland Indians
August 15, 2010 White Sox vs Detroit Tigers

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