Amanda R. Wang on the Fight Within Us

Amanda Rances Wang is a Filipina-American sharing her story and living her dream to become an amateur boxer. She is also helping spread the word about mental health awareness to the Filipino Community. Amanda’s battle to become a boxer, overcome her disability and confront public stigma will serve as the first documentary to delve inside the reality of those living with this disorder. After two months on the psychiatric floor of New York Presbyterian Hospital, Amanda Wang was officially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, now fights to create a life worth living. With no experience in the ring, Amanda tries to prove her own worth by chasing down her long-held dream of becoming a Golden Gloves boxer. The following is some information on the Fight Within Us Project:

So, What is BPD Anyway?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) has been a misunderstood, misdiagnosed and under-treated mental illness, with a suicide rate that is 50 times the national average. At the heart of Borderline Personality Disorder — and what makes it so explosive — is the sufferers’ inability to calibrate their feelings and behavior. This becomes the driving force behind intense episodes of anger, despair, desperate fears of abandonment, impulsive behavior, self-injury and suicide. For more information about BPD visit

What We are Doing & Why You Should Care

RethinkBPD has teamed up with documentary filmmaker, Jesse Sweet, to produce the film THE FIGHT WITHIN US. With your help, 16 million Americans with Borderline Personality Disorder will be touched by our story, helping them find their own great fight within. By pledging today, we can help end the stigma and discrimination that continues to persist despite effective treatment options.

With a fully funded Kickstarter campaign, RethinkBPD will be able to purchase the camera and equipment necessary for production. Once we have the camera in our hands, RethinkBPD will not only chronicle Amanda’s quest towards the Golden Gloves, but also document countless of others who continue to struggle, survive and thrive with BPD, posting it up on our website for all to learn and understand from.

The Fight Within Us shows us how one woman deals with these obstacles and chooses to live through them by pushing towards a remarkable life. For more information, visit

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