Stephen Dypiangco's Home Unknown

I recently got in contact with filmmaker Stephen Dypiangco and I was very interested in his documentary, Home Unknown. What is Home Unknown about and what is the Fil-Am filmmaker’s goal in this personal documentary? After years of ignoring his culture heritage and family history, Filipino-American Stephen Dypiangco attempts to reconnect with his roots by traveling with his parents to their homeland, the Philippines. ¬†Through a series of surprising encounters, he realizes that he knows far less about his quiet father, outspoken mother, and himself than he ever imagined. This rough cut trailer of Dypiangco’s documentary shows something that a lot of Filipino-Americans or Pinoys abroad experience some time in their life, which is a need to connect back to our roots. To learn more about Home Unknown and how you can support the film, visit

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  • Thanks so much for supporting Home Unknown! A small personal movie such as this one really needs lots of love from the entire Filipino-American community in order to succeed. With your help, I know I can make a movie that speaks to the Filipino-American experience. Thanks again!

    Stephen Dypiangco
    Director – Home Unknown

    • Anonymous

      Hi! I found a website which might be of help to Filipinos living abroad. this site might help you,Mr Dypiangco, in film. Please see the link below;

      Although the culture and tradition is your concern, going to home page of the above site will probably help you further. I hope this will help.

      Ever Jiongco