Super Fresh Entertainment News Exclusive Interview with Umamiya

Here’s an exclusive interview with the Pan-Asian girl group, Umamiya from Tawain’s Super Fresh Entertainment News. Super Fresh Entertainment News’ Anita Chang gives you and exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Umamiya and music producer Timo Chen, on location from their recent music video shoot. Back in May, Umamiya released their debut single Hot Sour Spicy Sweet, now available at Amazon and CD Baby. The group is comprised of five women from different Asian Pacific Islander ethnicities. Each female member of Umamiya is a talented, triple-threatening singer, songwriter and dancer. Breaking new ground with singers representing Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and the Philippines. Umamiya is poised to be the first truly Pan-Asian R&B/Pop group to break through the global entertainment market. Get to know all the members Cathedral Leung,, Winnie Wu (a.k.a. WWII), Kitty Karaoke, and Kim Min Jung. For more on Umamiya, go to S-Cube Entertainment. (Thanks, Corinne)

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