Three-Tables or More Legal Business Mahjong, the Resort Hotel does not need to do Gambling

by Daniel Escurel Occeño

With Three-Tables or more Legal Business Mahjong, the resort hotel does not need to do gambling. It can be in the Sports Entertainment Industry instead of the Gaming Industry.

PAGCOR and private resorts can set up tournaments similar to the NCAA Final Four in college basketball where they have to qualify in regions with the Top 16 gets automatic invitation to the Big Game Tournament in the PAGCOR village in Metro Manila.

The resort hotel can hold invitation only tournaments for the best Mahjong players in the world. They can set up qualifiers or “Mahletes” or “Athleticjongs” that can enter a major tournament like Wimbledon or the U.S. Open – a ranking system after winning in known tournaments or finished in the top four would be ranking points to determine the invited players.

It can be sponsored by a marble tile company – the Official Mahjong Tiles of PAGCOR or sponsored by Chowking fast food restaurants to pay the grand prize in the millions.

Even though the Philippines’ Game Fowl Fighting Roosters Industry allows side betting and gambling, the owners of roosters that pay the entry-fee to enter a derby are the potential real moneymaker and the derby promoter/owner rakes in the big bucks.

In the Visayas Regions prize money for the owner of the winning rooster can be as much as two million Philippines Pesos and with Legal Business Mahjong you can just have a resort hotel rule, “no side betting or no gambling allowed” or no money changing hands among players.

Allowing Chinese Business Owners to be able to run businesses with Mahjong would create wealth in the Philippines and service industry jobs in the resorts while adding to domestic and international tourism.

How will my idea (Legal Three-Table or more Business Mahjong Resort Hotels) help the barangays of villages of people?

That is the reason I am proposing it, to help the barangays. I was told shortly after I first moved back to my birth country on December 2004 that the reason the Second District in the Province of Sorsogon still had poverty compared to other provinces was the inability of poor families to send their children to college.

The poor could not afford the tuition with only a source of income living off the land as fishermen or as rice farmers, continuing the cycle of poverty. The poor’s children without a degree even with a free national high school accessible cannot better their parents willing to help the students.

A 100% full-tuition retention-testing scholarship from PAGCOR because of legal business mahjong would take care of that.

The national high schools in the barangays are free so if they can graduate and are smart enough for college, a test for a college scholarship should be a breeze – a sea breeze.

Another argument for our poverty is that the poor cannot afford to send their children to kindergarten causing the dropout rate in elementary level and the reason it was a campaign issue.

Paying for the addition of “tuition-free” kindergarten with teachers’ salaries and building expenses adding to the national budget was the real issue.

The revenue from PAGCOR can be allocated for “Free” kindergarten (teacher’s salaries) and I would add free “Head Start” and free “Pre-School” like in the State of Missouri.

Here in Gubat and the Second District, we elected Ronnel Lim as mayor and Ding Ramos as congressman.

A valedictorian of Gubat National High School, Mr. Lim was a scholar graduate at UP – Diliman.

University of the Philippines (Gubat Campus) would help end our poverty with EMT courses, licensed to get a job, and an Emergency Room Training facility.

Mr. Lim campaigned on volunteer doctors coming to Gubat from UP to help the poor.

UP – GUBAT with PRE-MED and (EMT) Emergency Medical Technician facility would be better, but a new Children’s Hospital in Gubat might be a bit much to ask for.

Daniel Escurel Occeño is a writer for children in the Philippines.

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