Tatay's Day

This is a belated Father’s Day post due to the fact that I was busy spending time with my dad. In the U.S., Asian father’s are usually perceived as strict, uncaring, and cold hearted people. This usually applies to Americans who don’t understand our culture or what is accepted as a proper upbringing for Asians. As a child, I couldn’t understand why I had a strict upbringing or why my parents were always working overtime. As an adult, I realized that this was all done for my own good and that my parents actually cared.

I’m very thankful for the sacrifices my father took just so I could have a better life in America. My father sacrificed his political career in the Philippines for the well being of his wife and children. Every time I’m having hard time or I’m going through a quarter life crises for the third time, I just remember what my father had to go through as a Filipino immigrant in the states. Starting all over from scratch, my father took on various jobs that included delivering pizza, newspaper delivery, and working the night shift as a security guard. I love and respect my dad for the fact that he was able to provide for his family while working towards his LL.M. I’m grateful for the time spent with my dad that make up for the years when he was busy working in corporate America. So dad, Happy Father’s Day and thanks for being my hero!

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