It was a Landslide Victory for Noy Noy, But Why?

by Daniel Escurel Occeño

I wrote the article, Why Should I Vote for Noy Noy Aquino? the day before the election.

I do not know for sure if the article itself had an impact on whether Senator Aquino won by a landslide.

What I do know is most of the Sorsogon Province was not planning on voting for Noy Noy since the national senatorial race in 2007. At the time a self-made billionaire was a better choice for local economic development, and Noy Noy had the reputation of a Manila Man, uncaring of the rest of the country especially the Bicol Region.

The last days of the campaign trail Senator Aquino sent his relatives to Gubat, Sorsogon Province Philippines to help campaign for the local mayor running for congressman in the second district, and Noy Noy campaigned in Sorsogon City down to Bulan, the most populated town in the second district that elected “Ding” Ramos.

I was told it was the town of Matnog voting heavily for Mayor Ramos that made the difference in the congressional race, but Mr. Aquino’s last minute commitment to the province was what convinced the Catholic Church in the Sorsogon Province that carried north to the entire Bicol Region and maybe the country that influenced native born Filipino Catholics that the son of an iconic woman president and a martyred father was sincere in helping his people instead of the perception he would only help Metro Manila and his “familya”.

The Bicol Region was on the verge of becoming an autonomous region because of the neglect of elected national senators only representing Metro Manila Development.

Senator Aquino including the poorest province in the Philippines during the last days of his campaign, I believe, is the reason he won by a landslide victory. The expectations on how it will affect the Bicol Region have started.

I even voted for him. I have a yellow wristband. I expect the free food once he can legally assume the command and the office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. The growth economy is already happening. I expect him to continue it.

Congratulation, Noy Noy!

I was accused of not supporting Mar Roxas. I am only one vote. Think of another reason why Mar was leading in the polls until the last few weeks of polls taken. It was not because of me. My vote for vice-president was already expected to go to Loren Legarda since she announced because of her involvement with the United Nations’ participation in ending our poverty.

Blue must be Mar Roxas’ favorite color because it cost him the vice-presidency. The blue shirt did not even fade so it was not machine washed in hot water. Many Liberals probably voted for Jejomar Binay because Mar never wore the yellow shirt, especially in posters and on TV while standing next to Noy Noy.

Welcome to Pinewood Studios in the Philippines! Jejomar Binay, but you have to build it first. You can provide jobs in every city, medium city, towns that can support a local cable TV station because the indoor film studio location of your choosing can be rented to produce local TV shows, dramas, and movies to be shown locally and internationally on cable.

It will be up to the localities to start a local cable TV channel.

The rental (government revenue) will make it affordable for smaller operators throughout the 7107 islands to compete effectively. Young and old entrepreneur producers can rent the studio and the high technology in the indoor studio can produce tomorrow’s blockbuster movies for theaters in the new malls creating domestic venture capital, no need to outsource for capital if you build it and the domestic tourism income will be astronomical.

The young made a statement. It is good to know the young people care about my birth country.

If you need a name for a government-owned enclosed facility capable of filmed television, studio television recording, the filming of commercials, post production sound services, and film production all created indoors; how about “PINOYVILLE”, a village for pinoys?

Think of it as another PAGCOR development from the Office of the President. But don’t get ahead of yourself. That is six years away. Build the studio first. Maybe Noy Noy will help you using his office.

Daniel Escurel Occeño is a writer for children in the Philippines.

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