Raising the Ancestors: Baybayin Project

Baybayin, the Pre-Filipino script is often the topic of discussion on this blog because it is an important part of Filipino culture that has made its comeback with the emergence of Baybayin artists. For Baybayin artist, Christine Balza, raising awareness and educating/re-educating  everyone on the Filipino script is a top priority. For these reason, the Baybayin artist recently launched her Raising the Ancestors: Baybayin Fundraising Project. The following are statements from Balza on why it is important to support her Baybayin project:

Obsessively CreatingDesigns inspired by ancient ancestors writings, I am keeping Baybayin script alive through art and my art alive through the script. Working with ceramics, metals, altered art, painting, silk screen, mixed media, bamboo and much more… Expressing the inner strength “LAKAS LOOB” of beautiful heritage and culture of the Filipino people. Completed works have been archived in storage waiting for the oppurtunity to be exhibited to the community.

Future artistic endeavors including a series of work featuring “Windows” of a FilAm miltary brat’s view of the world.

Funding will secure future events, travel expenses, supplies and off set cost of living to ensure my efforts in the Baybayin movement continues to be shared and spread beyond the community. Average cost to secure an event is $750, not including travel and food expenses…

Currently showing June 5, 2010 at Pista Sa Nayon, Vallejo Ca
Potential Events: Bamboo Park 6/27/10, Kababayan Fest 7/10/10, Fiesta Filipina 7/2010, Pasko Expo 11-12/2010.

Suku, New Sun Artistry http://www.suku-art.com

Your gifts can be seen on http://www.suku-art.com/kickstarter.htm

Salamat Po!
Originating inJava, Indonesia from a script called Kavi. Brought to the natives by Indonesians during the Spice Trade when the islands were a central seaport over 3,500 years ago. This primitive form of communication was used to message neighboring villages and kababayan (townmate). ank you!

About Baybayin: http://www.suku-art.com/about_baybayin.htm Learn more…
Baybayin Script ~ The lost Script was used before the arrival of the Spanish.

The project’s goal is to reach $1,000 by Monday July 2nd. Balza is also one of the artist featured in the Baybayin Art Gallery. For more on why you should support this Baybayin Fundraising Project please go to the following: Raising the ancestors: Baybayin/Alibata and help spread awareness on Baybayin.

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