Pan-Asian Girl Group: Umamiya

After years of being bombarded with all these androgynous boy bands in the states, it’s actually great to see the emergence of Asian girl groups. Recently, girl group Umamiya released their debut single Hot Sour Spicy Sweet, now available at Amazon and CD Baby. The group is comprised of five women from different Asian Pacific Islander ethnicities. Each female member of Umamiya is a talented, triple-threatening singer, songwriter and dancer. Breaking new ground with singers representing Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and the Philippines. Umamiya is poised to be the first truly Pan-Asian R&B/Pop group to break through the global entertainment market. Get to know all the members Cathedral Leung,, Winnie Wu (a.k.a. WWII), Kitty Karaoke, and Kim Min Jung.

Umamiya’s Hot Sour Spicy Sweet

Umamiya was formed by the unlikely pairing of Los Angeles-based record company, S-Cube Entertainment and COLD TOFU. Headquartered in Los Angeles, S-Cube Entertainment’s mission is to develop and share music influenced by a developing pan-asian urban movement. In a rapidly changing environment of digital media and muticulturalism, S-Cube Entertainment stands poised to become the bridge between Asia and the rest of the world. S-Cube Entertainment is devoted to developing and sharing pan-asian fusion music with the world. Bridging the unique sounds of global pop and urban expression, we bring a fresh and innovative groove to a global culture. COLD TOFU is the nation’s premier Asian American comedy improv and sketch group.  It is dedicated to promoting diverse images of Asian Pacific Americans through comedy and to developing multiethnic talent through education and performance.

Meet is Umamiya’s member, who is representing the Philippines and she may look familiar to some of you who have seen GOLDEN BOY. You can check out the rest of the members of Umamiya at S-Cube Entertainment and don’t forget to get your copy of Hot Sour Spicy Sweet.

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