What is the Deal with Wowowee?

Wowowee became the tv show to watch among Filipinos in the past few years with its “wholesome family entertainment” which includes half naked women parading around the stage and segments that help the poor, but to many of us they are just exploiting the poor. Wowowee first premiered on February 5, 2005, and airs live weekdays and Saturdays. The show also broadcasts worldwide through ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel (TFC). The shows host or should say old host, Willie Revillame has been the center of so much controversy in the Philippines. Since there are so many, I will only go over the most recent which lead many Filipinos to boycott Wowowee.

President Cory Aquino’s Funeral

Oh Yes! He did go there. On the August 3, 2009 episode of Wowowee in the show’s “Willie of Fortune” segment, he spoke out against the insertion of a live broadcast on the transfer of the late President Cory Aquino’s remains from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral during the taping. He stated that he could not make people happy while the entire country was mourning the former president’s passing. The Alliance of Filipino Journalists immediately denounced his remarks as a sign of disrespect towards Aquino. Revillame insisted that he had no intention of defaming the former president and her family. The Aquino family accepted his apology, but Revillame stressed that he would step down from Wowowee if he was truly wrong about his remarks. On August 10, ABS-CBN announced that Willie went on an indefinite leave.

Threatens to Quit Hosting

During the May 4 episode of “Wowowee,” Revillame announced that he would quit hosting the program if ABS-CBN management did not fire Jobert Sucaldito, an entertainment columnist, radio show biz commentator, and segment host of the TV gossip program “The Buzz.” Apparently, Sucaldito commented on the decision of “Wowowee” directors to invite below-average high school students to the show’s “Willie of Fortune” segment, and purportedly subjecting them to ridicule. Recently, ABS-CBN announced that there will be a special guest host on “Wowowee” this Saturday.   The surprise host was not named, but the network gave a clue saying that an “Idol ” will come to the show.

Fil-Am Youtube vlogger, Jokway provides his commentary on the whole controversy as well as some tips to improve the show, which I know has been on many viewers’ minds. Now, I really don’t care for Wowowee and don’t understand how people can watch it all the time. But I do care how the contestants are treated on this show. Some people may find it heartwarming that these contestants who come from an impoverished background are given a chance to win money and five minutes of fame, but for me it’s different. The way I see it, these people are being exploited and by their own people. In addition, I don’t like the image that the show’s former host, Willie Revillame presents to audiences. His departure from this show just shows how he is both arrogant and childish.

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  • Good article. You didn't mention the stampede at a show that killed 78 people, yet another controversy/disaster associated with the show. I had a relative who had to work on the show, and he couldn't believe how badly Willie treated kids. He said that he'd never do Wowowee again.

    I just hope that this isn't some fake controversy designed to hype the show. I personally hate the Wowowee.

  • Thanks Jeff and thanks for linking that stampede controversy. I forgot to include that one because I ended up focusing on the most recent ones. Anyways, that sucks that your relative had to experience a horrible working environment and the sad part is that Wowowee is no the only show that treats the less fortunate Filipinos in a such a despicable way. Also, have you ever thought about doing a post on this at 8asians?