Lighting the Past, Present and Future May 30th

In the spirit of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in May,  Kababayan, Inc., a non-profit organization of Filipino Americans of Northern Virginia and other Asian-Pacific origin, in cooperation with Prince William County are sponsoring an event on Sunday May 30.  The event this year is entitled “Lighting the Past, Present and Futurewill be held at Dr. A. J. Ferlazzo Building in 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22191.

The mission of the event is “To increase the understanding and recognition of the contributions of Asian-Pacific Americans to the American culture.  The event this year is entitled “Lighting the Past, Present and Future in Celebration of the Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.

The mission can be truly meaningful if immigrants from the countries of Asia-Pacific will take the opportunities to showcase their contributions to the unique mosaic of America.  As partners in the mission, you can contribute some of your “talents time and treasures” to one or more of the following features of the festival being planned:

A.    Items from your organization such as your motherland’s crafts, art work, books, magazines, brochures, and photographs.

B.    Display of businesses (managed by or employing Asian-Pacific Americans), samples of products, fliers, business cards, brochures, incentives and promotional materials such as coupons, job opportunities, door prizes, etc.

C.     Names and information about prominent Asian-Americans who have contributed to the American scene.

D.     Finger foods and native drinks for tasting, recipes

E.     Video presentation of folkways and scenic areas

F.     One or two ethnic dances or music in the cultural show

If you are unable to contribute to any of the above, you can still accomplish the mission by attending the festival with your family and friends.

Don’t forget to fill out the registration form if you are planning to contribute to this event.  For more information on “Lighting the Past, Present and Futureyou can contact Kababayan, Inc. at (571) 332-9332 or (703) 986-3838 or the other organizations involved: Connie B. Alfrido-Event Coordinator (703) 474-4883- or Delilah Ardiente- Event Coordinator (703) 929-0061-

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