MTV's True Life Features a Filipina with B.D.D.

I first saw this feature by Gephine on because it’s an awesome site for anyone interested in Pilipino American Lifestyle and I don’t watch MTV, I know I’m a square. The True Life episode entitled I Hate My Face features two young women, one of whom is a Filipina named Pamela. I was scratching my head during the preview of this episode because I couldn’t understand why these two attractive young women would ever see themselves as ugly. As it turns out, Pamela had Body Dysmorphic Disorder (B.D.D.), a psychological disorder in which the affected person is preoccupied by a perceived defect in their physical features. You can read more about the condition at DSM-IV or the B.D.D. blog.

In Pamela’s case, her perceived defect in her physical features seems to be imagined as she is obviously a beautiful woman and sort of looks like a girl I had crush on in one of my communications classes in college. This episode gets really intense with Pamela confronting her family and boyfriend about her decision to get a nose job. As Pamela’s feature progressed, I automatically knew she was a victim of the western media’s perception on beauty (tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, & large breasts) which was always a topic of discussion in my advertising classes and in Alissa Quart’s Branded. I believe Pamela would also have this condition if she grew up in the Philippines because that country is western influenced that they constantly advertise skin whitening products and an entertainment industry that loves to feature mixed race actresses/models.

After countless times of being told that she didn’t need plastic surgery, Pamela went through with getting a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. The results of the surgery left Pamela satisfied with her physical features for only a short time before reverting back to her usually patterns of B.D.D. I’ve never heard of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (B.D.D.) until watching this feature. I know how hard woman and young girls have it. The following are just a few suggested sites on some related topics from this post for young woman, Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty and Girls by Design. For the young women out there, you don’t always have to believe what the media tells you. Just be yourself and try to reach your potential.

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    She also stared on a porn movie called “Joe Pusher's Latinas 20” by the name of Mischka. Crazy!!!!

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