Random Post: I Want a Dr. Pierre Chang Muppet

I don’t really care that Lost is ending this season or that Jack is obviously going to be the next Jacob. With the exception of Jin-Soo Kwon’s character development (finally no more Asian male stereotypes!), I’ve been really entertained by the muppet version of Dr. Pierre Chang on Lost Untangled. The most recent Lost Untangled on Everybody Loves Hugo is one to watch because it features the real Dr. Pierre Chang (François Chau) having a few exchanges with his muppet counterpart. Now, I want to know is when or where can I purchase my very own Dr. Pierre Chang Muppet?

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  • Oh my freaking guyliner! I want a Pierre Chang Muppet too!! I have searched and searched for somewhere to buy one, but I don't think there are any for sale. Maybe one day soon they'll start selling them! 🙂