Kalayaan, a new breed of Pinoy Superhero

I remembered how much of a huge comic book geek I was after getting my hands on the first issue of Kalayaan this weekend at a local Filipino store in Virginia. There was a public announcement last month that copies of the Pinoy Komik would be available in the DC area. Kalayaan is a Filipino komik created by Gio Paredes who was able to get his creation for US distribution to customers for free through Forex DKM. I was really excited for this new Pinoy superhero after my previous post regarding Pinoy superheroes and the lack of Asian superheroes in the states.

Kalayaan has been on the market in Philippines since June 2007 and was featured at Komikon: Philippines Komiks Convention held at the University of the Philippines in 2009. Kalayaan is Tagalog for freedom which is a great name for this iconic Pinoy superhero whose patriotic outfit consists of the Philippine flag’s sun & stars as well as its colors. The first issue had the Pinoy superhero in showdown against Blood Fang. The US copies of Kalayaan are in Tagalog, but hopefully there maybe an English translation available so Western audiences can get to know Kalayaan.

For more on Kalayaan, please visit Kalayaan Comics Official Website or Gio Paredes’s blog where you can catch up on other Pinoy Komik updates like the Bayan Knights. Also, don’t forget to get your copy of Kalayaan comics and support Pinoy comic book creators like Gio Paredes.

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  • gioparedes

    Thank you very much for this post and for the support. I just recently emailed all the pages of Kalayaan #2 to Forex DKM. They will be printing it very soon.

    During my last meeting with Forex, they say that target people for my comics are mainly the Fil-AM. But I will try to talk to them again for a possible printing another batch on English translation.

  • Thank you Gio for creating a great Pinoy superhero! Please inform me (e-mail at kristian@filamako.com) when and if Kalayaan will get printed in English as I know many non-Filipinos and English speaking Pinoys in the US will be interested in your creation.

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