25 Nailed to Crosses in Pampanga on Good Friday

It’s that time of the year again when Philippines makes headlines for marking Easter with re-enactments of whippings and crucifixions. Dozens of devout Filipinos whipped themselves until blood flowed down their backs and others groaned while being nailed to crosses as Asia’s bastion of Catholicism marked Good Friday. About 25 people, including 34-year-old Mary-Jane Mamangun, were nailed to crosses under blazing heat in the villages of San Fernando, each spending a few minutes painfully re-enacting Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

These extreme acts in the Philippines are among the Roman Catholic world’s most bizarre events to mark the day when Christians believe Jesus Christ was put to death 2,000 years ago. Philippines made headlines last year when Australian comedian John Safran was allowed to get nailed to the cross last year after claiming he was a Catholic student whose mother was suffering from cancer. According to an article from AFP, Safran created much anger among locals when it turned out he was crucified for his comedy television show in Australia. As a result, San Fernando tourism officer Ching Pangilinan said the local government banned foreigners from being crucified this year after several incidents in the past which had made a mockery of the occasion.

Extreme re-enactments of whippings and crucifixions at Easter are frowned upon by the Catholic community with officials stating that they are done out of context. The following is raw footage from the Associated Press showing Catholic penitents in the Philippines carried out their traditional re-enactment of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. Please be warned that the following video contains graphic images:

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