Support Domestic Worker and Caregiver Rights

Back in July, 2008, Filipino Advocates for Justice began outreach to Filipino caregivers working in private and group homes in Union City. Often caring for patients in isolation in unmarked homes, Filipino caregivers regularly undergo abuse of their basic rights. These include conditions for akin to indentured servitude. Filipino Advocates for Justice is organizing caregivers throughout Alameda County to build their power and advance their rights. In this month commemorating the 100th International Women’s Day, Filipino Advocates for Justice is introducing their campaigns for domestic worker and caregiver rights. From now through May 1, they join organizations throughout the U.S. to launch campaigns demanding respect for domestic work.

Domestic workers and caregivers need your help. Please sign our petition pledging your support for their worker rights.

Signing our petition will help us build momentum and show our community support for domestic workers and caregivers who face severely unjust working conditions:

  • They are abused in the workplace
  • Are overworked and underpaid, and
  • Lack access to fair contracts, wages and Social Security benefits

Join Us to Take Action: SAVE THE DATE

Campaign for a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights: We are organizing with the California Domestic Worker Coalition to pass a resolution for a Domestic Worker Bill of Rights.

Campaign to demand federal workplace protections for domestic workers. We are organizing with the National Domestic Worker Alliance to win basic workplace rights for domestic workers through regulatory reforms at the U.S. Department of Labor.

In early April, Sacramento: Join a caravan of 100 domestic workers as we head to Sacramento to introduce a resolution for the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights!

We will send more details in the coming weeks about the domestic caregivers rights campaign. Please check our community calendar at for updates. 

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