Are Filipinos Offensive?

Since it’s February and Valentine’s Day is approaching, I thought I would look into possible gift recommendations for everyone.  This search has brought me to Filipinos, the brand name for a series of biscuit snacks made by Kraft Foods.  Many Asian bloggers have already brought up the issue with Filipinos snacks but I would like to reintroduce it here because this product is still selling in Europe. The standard Filipinos snack is ring shaped and come in several varieties coated in either milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Milk or dark chocolate versions feature a light colored biscuit. White chocolate versions feature a dark brown biscuit. The biscuits were inspired by ‘rosquillo’ biscuits produced in Iloilo and Negros and the Spaniards added another twist by coating it with brown or white chocolate.  Now this is where it gets offensive because the manufacturers are clearly using Filipino racial identity with the biscuits apparent reference to our brown skin tone.   Would any of you ever buy a Filipinos or not take offense to this product?

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  • our skin is really brown. why should we take that as an offense?

  • our skin is really brown. if we would take that as offense, very well that we consider our skin offensive in itself..

  • Anonymous

    i take that as an offense because it is like discriminating our race. and why would the Spaniards chose “Filipinos” as the brand name of this product? which i am pretty sure that the Spaniards knew that the people that live in Philippines are called “Filipinos”. Before they named that brand, they should have asked a permission from us.