Fil-Am online comic: BARRIORS

I recently got in contact with BARRIORS creator Tim Saguinsin and I was very impressed with his artwork that I had to do a post  on it here on Fil-Am Ako.  What exactly does BARRIORS mean?  BARRIORS is Saguinsin’s spin on growing up Fil-Am. Saguinsin states, “I haven’t seen many Filipino centric online comics, so I decided to do one myself. I didn’t quite live in the barrios, but I did develop the warrior mentality to achieve and overcome obstacles and barriers (Barrio + Warriors = Barriors, Barriers + Warriors = Barriors).”  The online comic strip posted above focuses on the the blockbuster film Avatar.  Having seen Avatar in IMAX 3D for the first time last night after several unsuccessful trips to sold out shows, I can really relate to Saguinsin’s message in this comic strip.  However, Filipinos did not only have to deal with American soldiers like the Na’vi in Avatar but with the Spaniards and Japanese trying to take over the country.  BARRIORS is definitely a comic that everyone should check out!  You can also follow updates on Twitter, Facebook, and don’t forget to visit Rice Cooker Studios.

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