Vincent Who?

This update is not really relating to Filipinos but it’s something that all Asian Americans should be aware of which is a documentary on the murder of Vincent Chin in 1982.  With the recent economic crisis and increase in hate crimes towards Asians in the U.S., Vincent Who? reminds all Asians on our place as minorities in a country that has racism deep within its roots.   Curtis Chin from APAP just released a notice that they are releasing Vincent Who? on dvd so you can order a copy for yourself and your school (For Asian Organizations that means you guys don’t have to pay the ridiculous rental fee of $100 for Who Killed Vincent Chin?).   After viewing this documentary, I hope all of you will be inspired to make the changes necessary for a better future for Asians in America where someday we will not be viewed as foreigners but as Americans.

Asian Pacific Americans for Progress is proud to announce our first documentary film, “Vincent Who?”

*** WINNER OF THE 2009 Media Award from the National Association for Multicultural Education ***

VINCENT WHO? (40 minutes) – In 1982, Vincent Chin was murdered in Detroit by two white autoworkers at the height of anti-Japanese sentiments. For the first time, Asian Americans around the country galvanized to form a real community and movement.  This documentary, inspired by a series of town halls organized by Asian Pacific Americans for Progress on the 25th anniversary of the case, features interviews with the key players at the time, as well as a whole new generation of activists. “Vincent Who?” asks how far Asian Americans have come since then and how far we have yet to go.

Featured interviews include: Helen Zia (lead activist during the Chin trial), Renee Tajima Pena (director, “Who Killed Vincent Chin?”), Stewart Kwoh (Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Legal Center), Lisa Ling (journalist), Sumi Pendakur (Univ. of Southern California), Dale Minami (civic rights attorney), Frank Wu (former Dean, Wayne State Law School), Doua Thor (Executive Director, Southeast Asian Resource Action Center) and a group of five diverse young APA activists whose lives were impacted by Vincent Chin.

We’re currently booking screenings for Spring 2010.  Please email us at curtis at apaforprogress dot org for more info.  Some tentative dates.

January 19 – UCLA

January 26 – University of Colorado – Boulder

January 27 – University of Denver

February 3 – DeAnza College

February 6 – University of Nevada – Reno

February 18 – SUNY – Stony Brook

February 23 – Grand Valley State (MI)

February 24 – University of Kansas

February 25 – Wichita State

February 28 – Northbrook Public Library (Chicago)

March 1 – University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

March 3 – University of Wisconsin – Madison

March 4 – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

March 5 – University of Pennsylvania (ECAASU)

March 17 – Vanderbilt

March 18 – Austin Peay

LATE MARCH/EARLY APRIL – Tour of Minnesota

April 6 – Washington and Jefferson

April 7 – Lehigh

April 12 – University of Dayton

April 13 – Wittenberg

April 14 – Wright State

April 15 – Kent State

April 22 – University of New Hampshire

LATE APRIL – Colorado State

More dates to come including Arizona, Brown, Pitt, Bowdoin and more…

I wanted to post the feature from CNN posted above not only because I wanted to provide you guys video on how Vincent Chin’s murder impacted the U.S. but also because my idol CNN Headline News anchor Richard Lui reports on the unfortunate event.  Lui explores violation of civil rights and racial profiling in the case of Vincent Chin.  Also, I wanted to add a suggested reading for those interested, Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of  an American People by Helen Zia.  For order information on the release of Vincent Who? on dvd please visit the following link:

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