Filipinos in Sports: Chris Gocong

In a previous  Filipinos in Sports post, I mentioned the numerous NFL players who are of Filipino descent.  Philadelphia Eagles #57 Chris Gocong is to be added to that list which includes Steve Slaton, Tedy Bruschi, Roman Gabriel, and Eugene Amano.  According to Epicanthus in an interview with Gocong’s father Bruce Kennedy, Chris Gocong is the following—100% American, 12.5% French, 12.5% German, 25% American Indian (and) 25% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and 25% Filipino.  These are very interesting numbers, especially with the 100% American and 25% Filipino (insert sarcasm). Gocong played college football at Cal Poly-SLO and won the Buck Buchanan Award.  Gocong was drafted in the third round of the 2006 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, but missed the entire 2006 season due to an injury suffered before the preseason. He made his NFL debut on September 9, 2007, where he started at the “Sam” linebacker position.

The video posted below is a TFC news coverage on the Fil-Am NFL player that I recently saw in December. This interview caught my attention because Gocong not only excels in sports but also in academics graduating in the biomedical field from Cal Poly.  In recent report from CSNPHILLY regarding the Eagles loss on Sunday, there was speculation that Gocong may return as a starting linebacker. Gocong lost his starting job to Fokou two weeks ago. Fokou had five tackles, a pass defended and a roughing the passer penalty in Dallas. For more on Chris Gocong, please refer to and

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  • Thanks for posting this! Since my Colts won't be playing this weekend, I will be rooting for the Eagles! (I actually was already since I don't like the Cowboys, but finding this info out makes my cheering easier!)