IBU Inspired By U's Sophomore Album

Being from Chicago, I am really proud to inform everyone of Fil-Am R&B group IBU’s sophomore album entitled Inspired by U which was released on November 10th. For those who do not know Chicago’s hottest boy group, IBU (consists of Mike, Tommy, and Jonathan) earned the distinction as America’s most sought after Asian-American performing group with their uniquely rich harmonies and outstanding dance skills. IBU is short for Inspired By U, the name they chose as they claim to be inspired by the people they sing to. I was fortunate to catch one of IBU’s performance back in my college days when I was attending my cousins’ Northern Illinois University AAA show. These guys rocked the house back then and the release of their sophomore album proves that they’re still Chicago’s hottest group.

In the video posted above, IBU discusses their decision to go on hiatus from performing in early March 2009 to work on their sophomore album. On this album, IBU wanted to showcase their true R&B character as an artist, in the true tradition of their soulful and harmony drenched compositions. The songs will present a more mature IBU, vocally and artistically. Among my favorite tracks in this album includes “Broken Record.” For more of IBU, please visit www.ibumusic.com, youtube.com/ibumusic, or follow them on Twitter. Also, don’t forget to purchase their sophomore album Inspired By U available at iTunes, Best Buy, and Tower Records.

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