How to Draw Asian Women?

This instructional video from eHow has made its rounds in numerous blogs in the past month but I finally saw it on The video features a self proclaimed cartoon extraordinaire, Bill Connolly who teaches you the basics of how to supposedly draw an Asian woman. Now, I got a kick out of this video because it is just ridiculous that eHow thinks this tutorial will not offend anyone. First of all, there is no ideal way to draw an Asian woman because they come in all shapes and sizes. Also, Asian is such a broad category from Filipinos, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, etc. This video reaffirms the stereotype that all Asians look alike. In my opinion, this tutorial should have been called, “How to Draw an Asian Woman who looks like she just came from outer-space.” After viewing this video I feel it’s safe to say that cartoon extraordinaire, Bill Connolly is the one who needs beginner drawing lessons.

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