Fil-Am White House Chef Feted in DC

Recently, White House executive chef Cristeta Pasia Comerford was feted at a special weekend reception at the Ambassador’s residence, receiving another award for culinary excellence. Chef Pasia Comerford stated, “Let me just pour my heart out a little bit,” she told her audience, “Every time I come to the Filipino community, how they’ve really honored me and just celebrated this biggest thing in my life, which is such an endearing thing for me.” A Pinay chef in the White House is something to be really proud of, especially with Chef Pasia Comerford’s track record and numerous awards. However, it makes wonder how things would be like if America had a Filipino or Filipina President and Chef in the White House, probably a feast everyday. To read more about the event honoring Chef Pasia Comerford please refer to the Pinoy Herald article Fil-Am White House Chef Feted In DC.

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