Baybayin Signature

by Christian Cabuay

I was having a conversation with Ray of about how we use Baybayin instead of our western signature. It got me thinking how one would go about “legally” changing your signature if needed. The list of signature major updates would be banks, credit cards, drivers license and passport. The tough part when writing your signature in Baybayin is doing it fast in a cursive way and not picking up the pen.

Cursive style

You could actually do away with the kudlits as it’s not meant to have all the characters just like when you sign your name with the Roman alphabet.

Writing each character would be equivalent to printing each character when signing in the Roman alphabet.

About Christian Cabuay: Christian currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area working as a web business analyst for one of the largest clothing retailers in the world during the day. On nights & weekends, Christian is a Baybayin artist, Webprenuer & Ecommerce/Social Media consultant. Basically, Christian helps soloprenuers and small businesses with their business and online marketing strategy. Christian also runs and

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